Brands Specifications

brands specifications

Solar energy systems are installed with the intention of generating electricity for many years, or even decades. Because of this the components that are used to build the system, including panels, inverters, mounting racks, cabling, switches and batteries, if required, should be manufactured to endure also.

First Sun Solar work with the world’s best solar manufacturing companies to design and configure systems appropriate for residential, commercial and government buildings and sites. We use our experience in the industry as it has developed and trialling with our suppliers to determine products that are reliable enough to confidently install.


We encourage you to explore the information available through our manufacturer’s websites. We recognise the value in using Tier 1 panels, although this ranking system credits larger manufacturing capacity more so than product quality, as manufacturers that are distributing large numbers of panels with sometimes 25 year warranties, need to have a product that is reliable.

In Australia we generally use the Bloomberg ranking and brands supplied by First Sun Solar include:


The inverter provides the code to your solar energy system by converting the direct current (DC) electricity from the panels into alternating current (AC) which can be used by electrical appliances. In doing this it heats up and therefore needs an effective cooling system, especially in our hot Australian climate.

Inverters we use are:

Mounting racks

Solar panels are not attached directly to roof or other surfaces. They are mounted on racking that is attached to the roof or a ground mount system. Racking also helps to carry cable, provide correct angle of inclination and also enable tracking systems. We use either:


Our near future will tell us how quickly we will start to install battery systems into our homes to give us independence from the grid system. Batteries are quickly becoming more efficient and less expensive at the same time and as a result batteries are becoming a more commonplace part of a new solar energy system. First Sun Solar use:

We enjoy discussing the relative merits of each of the manufacturers of solar components so contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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