Solar Component Procurement

solar component procurement

We recognise that solar energy systems are a long term investment – over 10 years and often up to 30 years – and for that we believe that high quality components are required to ensure that:

  1. Your new solar energy system has no quality issues during its intended lifespan, and
  2. Your new solar system performs as you expect, i.e., it generates the power specified

Our experience over the past decade has taught us a lot about all of the different brands of solar component suppliers. The main elements of a system can vary by price, warranty, manufacturer quality and performance and so with different customers having different budgets and preferences we need to be able to assess and combine the different brands and components expertly for best value results.

The main parts of a solar energy system are:

  1. Panels
  2. Inverter and Microinverters
  3. Mounting racks
  4. (optional) Batteries

And we also ensure the quality of the electrical accessories used between the major components, such as cabling, switches, conduit, isolators, shrouds, etc.

First Sun Solar have established relationships with a range of the reputable suppliers and can supply panels from companies such as SunPower, SolarEdge, LG, Canadian. Solar or Q-Cell. We source inverters from ABB, SMA, Fronius and SolarEdge and mounting racks from industry leaders such as Clenergy and Radiant. We only recommend the best batteries from companies like Sonnen, LG and Fronius.

Read more about the brands we work with in our Resources section.

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