Solar System Design

solar system design

A critical element of any new solar energy system is an efficient design that is the best value for the site and budget. Many solar energy systems are poorly designed resulting in lower power output, insufficient battery storage, poor quality components or inability to manage future demands.

First Sun Solar have over 10 years experience with designing solar energy systems for residential, commercial, government and other locations. Like buildings, every system is different and needs to be custom designed for the best result. Our process follows the following core questions to ensure that each of our customers have a system installed that is the best financial, environmental and practical outcome for their location.

  • How much power do you use?
  • What is the cost of power in your area?
  • What roof space (or ground mount space) is available?
  • Which direction does the roof face and at what angle?
  • What rebates and tariffs are available?
  • How many panels should be installed?
  • How should the panels be fitted to the roof or ground?
  • Is battery storage to be considered? Now or in the future?
  • What is the grid connection arrangement?
  • How will the system be financed?
  • Which brand components are the best value considering warranty, performance and quality?

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