Who We Are

Powering the Future.

Respecting the Past.

Not just a solar company; First Sun Solar is both a future innovator, constantly seeking out the best application of new technology towards a renewable future, and a supporter of the ancient and balanced way of life.

First Sun Solar Fund

Through the First Sun Solar Fund we work in co-operation with Indigenous communities. For every 10kw of solar sold we supply 1kw to Indigenous communities. We are also working on projects to install mini solar power plants on Indigenous community land, with the intention that the people who lived for thousands of years in harmony with the natural environment can lead the way in sustainable community projects.


To lead the way in small and medium scale solar and renewable energy installations, by supplying the best quality and ecological sound technologies combined with the highest quality installation and service and a lifelong relationship with each of our customers. We support Indigenous communities, reforestation and the restoration of our oceans and water ways.

  • 13 Trees planted for each system sold
  • 1kw of solar installed at Indigenous community for every 10kw sold
  • $100 donation to 4Oceans for each system sold


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